Friday, November 26, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops

For those of you vidya game folk out there, I'm sure you've already tried your hand at Treyarch's newest creation Black Ops. I must admit, I've never been a fan of Treyarch, and their last attempt at the CoD franchise sickened me excluding the zombie mode, but I decided to give Black Ops a shot regardless.

My first rating of the game would have been something like this:

Single Player 9/10
Multiplayer 5/10
Zombie Mode 10/10

Needless to say, my expectations of it were held pretty high considering the hype it was gathering up from the media; but I have to say I was initially let down pretty hard by the multiplayer. The entire time I was playing I was plagued by missed knife attempts that seemingly slid right through the enemy, enemies knifing me through gunfire, and horrid levels that seemed too focused on the background rather than the actual playablility therein.

However, I felt that maybe I dropped the gavel too soon and decided to give Treyarch a second chance; after all the single player was a stroke of genius! I had actually been telling my brother only earlier this year that they needed to make a game that took place in Vietnam, and behold, Treyarch offered a startlingly realistic portrayal of it. And the fact that the whole thing is a flashback was a pretty neat take on storytelling in the fps realm.
Back to my point though, I tried my hand one last time at the multiplayer experience; and suddenly, something clicked. The controls became recognizable and the levels became more clear! There was still the issue with my knife attacks going right through enemies, but aside from that I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Bringing my newest opinion of the game into effect:

Single player 9/10
Multiplayer 9/10
Zombie Mode 10/10

Now I know I have yet to say anything about zombie's, and you are probably curious as to why it has such a high rating in my books. So here you go:

The zombie mode blends the CoD gameplay with Left4Dead-like levels and enemies. The intensity of the whole game mode has been stepped up drastically, and the numerous things you can do within the levels themselves is remarkable. Treyarch even took it a step further by giving us an Arcade mode of zombies (which is extremely fun I must say) and another game mode that allows players to become JFK, Castro, Nixon, or McNamara -- it should be noted that this game mode (called "Five") is significantly more challenging than the others.

Now, back to the multiplayer. Treyarch added a boatload of new features in online play including a point system that allows players to unlock weapon attachments and things of the sort in whatever order they desire as opposed to waiting until a set rank to unlock it. They also gave players a great amount of customizing capabilities for their weapon classes, literally giving you thousands of options for creating your own unique weapons class all the way down placing your own customizable emblem on the side of the gun!

All-in-all, I'm glad I gave this game a second chance; and if any of you want to play online sometime, I'm on the PS3 and my ID is Noobs_4_Lunch
I gotta warn you though... I'm a beast ;)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sorry about the dry period!!

Hey readers! Sorry I haven't been posting lately! I've been super busy with school, work -- and get this-- MY OWN BAND!
That's right! I have finally started up my own band and we are currently in the process of recording our first demo! So if you guys are interested in checking out our sound give us a listen at or find us on facebook by searching "Epoch In Epitaph."

We are a progressive/alternative rock band. So hopefully you all are interested!