Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Band Reunions

In the current fast paced music industry, bands are breaking up and reuniting constantly, and the past few years been great for reunions; some of the more notable bands that have gotten back together are Sunny Day Real Estate, Smashing Pumpkins, The Police, and Guns n' Roses. But with the way things are going, I think any one of us could be hopeful enough that one of our old favorite bands might one day reunite and tour near us.

The Deftones have also reunited recently and are currently on tour with progressive rock band Coheed and Cambria. Following this trend is the Misfits with a slightly modified all-star cast, and Stone Temple Pilots. To elaborate more, Van Halen has announced a reunion tour; however, a lot of people seem to be upset about this, deeming it as unnecessary.

There have also been lots of rumors floating around about bands that are planning reunions, these include The Who, Radiohead, Led Zepplin, and System of a Down. In the end, I believe it's only a matter of time before most past bands (the ones that made names for themselves) decide to do reunion shows. So if your favorite band hasn't announced a tour, keep your chin up, maybe it will happen soon!

Also, if you have heard of some reunion shows that I didn't name, go ahead and post them in the comments!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Coheed and Cambria: Big Finale?

Coheed released their final concept album earlier this year, and while some people seemed unsatisfied with it, overall I would have to say it is one of their best albums yet. So what will Coheed do now that they are finished with concept albums? Will they continue to write music under the same band name or will they disband Coheed and Cambria and pursue their own separate endeavors?

Coheed and Cambria has made a career out of pleasing and wowing their fans in concert and through the sheer genius of their music. Despite criticism from all sides of the board, they have continuously written great music and a deep story line. And now, in what could very well be the last days of Coheed, they have gone all out for their fans embarking on multiple tours in this year alone! Touring with bands like Circa Survive, Porcupine Tree, The Dear Hunter, and- on their latest tour- The Deftones.

But aside from pleasing fans, what underlying message do all these tours present? Could this be a "grand finale" to end the path of this masterpiece? Now, let's assume this is the end of Coheed and Cambria as a band, should this mean it is the end of the story for the Coheed and Cambria story? I have reason to believe not. Rumor has it that Claudio, in addition to finish releasing the comics, has plans on releasing a movie- either in several animated installments or a few movie releases (do I hear an epic coming along?).

Whatever the case may be, I think it will be a good while before the tale of Coheed and Cambria is finally laid to rest, and until then, go enjoy some of their concerts! I've personally seen them 3 times this year.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Mission and A Plea

Ok readers, there are very few times in life that I will ever ask you for a favor this huge. But In this case, I definitely need your help more than anything else. For those of you who read my interview with Tides of Man and my album review of them, you should guess that I pretty much like them a lot. haha.
Now, they are holding a contest and the first prize gets a lifetime guest pass to all their shows! The way you win is by doing the best out of everyone when it comes to promoting and advertising the band, and although I've done my fair share of that, it still isn't quite enough. So what I need you guys to do is "Like" their facebook page, and leave a comment telling them that I showed you their music and sent you over. So something along the lines of this, "Hey guys, Alex Miller showed me your stuff, sounds good (or good job, or keep up the work, or good luck or whatever)."

Do this for me please and make me the happiest man alive! Thank you!

facebook page

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Music Projects

Hey everyone, I'm terribly sorry I haven't been posting lately, but I've been uber busy with my own music projects! We had our first jam session with a potential drummer yesterday, and we've been writing songs for the past two weeks to get ready for an open mic night this Friday. If I can get a video up of it I will, other than that my birthday passed recently and I went skydiving :)
So I'll DEFINITELY get a video up of that when I get it back so all my readers can see what it's like living life on the edge! lol

Anyways, I'll hopefully catch another break here soon and update you guys more on stuff, but to be honest... I haven't heard a good new album or seen a new good movie in a while :/
Let me know if you guys have seen anything interesting come out recently so I can check it out!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

More Than Just Music...

With all the posts about music I've been doing, I'm sure most of you forgot that this blog is actually for digital media in general as well as bands (I know I forgot!).
So here is my first posting about video games!

For many of us gamers, the console wars of this new generation are the most competitive so far! But it seems as though, even with all the cool new technology, the failure rates of consoles are at an all time high! The big question has always been, which gaming console is the best? But I am urging you all to rethink this question, as each console is nearest to perfect in it's own respect:

 -  The PS3 may be a gaming console, but it's actually a multipurpose multimedia entertainment system.
 -  The Wii is a gaming console aimed not at graphics, but uniqueness and individuality.
 -  The Xbox 360 is a gaming console made with only one thing in mind; gaming.

That being said, I am a PS3 owner, and a recent encounter with the Yellow Light of Death, or YLOD (the PS3s instance of RROD), has made me consider new factors in the gaming field: console failure rates and what the companies are doing about it.

Sony, unfortunately, does very little for their end users concerning YLOD- unlike Microsoft who spent over $1 billion in an effort to supply a solution for the RROD. My personal conclusion for this is that YLOD is nowhere near as publicized as RROD, and thus Sony does not feel the need to spend such large sums of money to fix it.

Now, I must admit when I first got YLOD I had NO IDEA what was happening. I, like many of you probably, didn't even know there was such a thing. So I searched... and searched... and searched more. And after two hours of searching I learned everything I thought I needed to know and began a grueling process of taking matters into my own hands and reviving a supposedly dead PS3.
During my time searching, however, I also came across the failure rates for all three next-gen consoles, *they are as follows:
Xbox 360 has the highest failure rate of 23.7%
PS3 has the next highest failure rate of 10%
Wii has the lowest failure rate with a mere 2.7%

*please note that these are legit statistics taken in Sept. '09
You can read the full statistics here.

It's obvious that with so much attention being drawn to the 360s alarmingly high failure rate, Sony can be slack on their out-of-warranty repairs.

So how did I take matters into my own hands you might ask? Well, since my PS3 was out of warranty I was left with only a few options. 1) Send it to Sony and get charged 150 bucks for a refurbished system and lose ALL saved data and not have a system for up to 6 weeks, 2) Send it to one of the many Ebay users who charge anywhere from $35 to $90 + shipping and handling, or 3) fix it myself for dirt cheap.
Also note that options 2 and 3 void warranty and literally make your console a ghost in the eyes of Sony.
I went with option 3, and thanks to a little guidance from Gilksy's ad found here I was able to repair it. It now works perfectly fine.

So I hope this post is useful and informative. And if nothing else, maybe it will encourage you to take matters into your own hands on occasion when life sticks you the finger. :]