Monday, December 20, 2010

Circa Survive: Appendage (EP)


Circa Survive has long been recognized as one of the most influential bands of their time in the the Alternative Rock genre. Every album they have released has had it's own special attraction, more notably the more recent LP "Blue Sky Noise," which (for those who are familiar with Anthony Green's struggles) carried a very aggressive, angry, and scared tone behind it. That being said, Green has a talent for writing lyrics that can be interpreted into just about anything the listener is feeling, and that trend continues into their new EP "Appendage."

The first song titled "Sleep Underground (Demo)" has a haunting, yet soothing feel that brings you into a relaxing openness. With beautiful harmonies and lyrics, this song definitely sets the mood for the rest of the EP. The next song is "Stare Like You'll Stay;" There is a lot of talk going around that this song is about God, but Anthony has yet to comment on this. The musicianship in this album is incredible, and it fits perfectly with the tone Green sets with his vocals.

Although this album is an extended play from Blue Sky Noise, it could have (and should have) been it's own album. This EP is an expression of hope in Anthony Green's life, characterized primarily by him becoming a father recently. There is, however, no doubt in my mind that this album has to have had some form of spiritual influence as well; namely because of the final song, "Lazarus," which is the name of a man in the Bible who was raised from the dead by Jesus and began a new life. Although Green makes no reference to this story whatsoever in his lyrics, the song can be interpreted as a cry for change. Of course, as I mentioned earlier, Green's lyrics are universal in the sense that they can be interpreted into whatever the listener wants them to be. This is just one of the many views of the song.

However you look at "Appendage," one thing is for sure: Circa Survive has created another successful and inspiring compilation of songs that spread beyond the boundaries they had once set.

Here is a link to purchase "Appendage":