Monday, August 30, 2010

Band of the Week!!!

Hey everyone! Starting this week I am going to start a band of the week poll. The bands chosen for the week will be totally random each week, with the only exception being that any band which has already earned this title will be left off the list (yes, each band can only win once).

I have been thinking of a way to include my readers a little more often, and this is it I believe.

So here is the way this will work,  there will be a poll set up on the right-hand side of this page (above the followers section) with 4 choices. The winners of the Band of the Week title will be revealed every Monday, and the next poll will begin that same day (note that polls will close on Friday night). I will provide links to purchase every album for the winning band as well! Remember, you will be able to choose one band only, so if you want a certain band to be picked then I encourage you to tell your friends about my blog and send them this way. So in a sense this is also a way for me to pick up more readers on the blog. Keep this in mind, the more I feel like people are reading and keeping up with this thing, the more often I update posts and come up with new ideas to involve you guys!

Now, for those of you curious about how the choices are picked:

I have created a new playlist to my iTunes library, in this playlist I have placed one (1) song from EVERY band in my library. I then turn on the shuffle mode and click play. The first four (4) bands to be played are put on the poll. After a band is selected by you, the readers, that band's song will be removed from the playlist.

One last thing! I have a pretty wide ranging group of bands on my iTunes, but if you have a band that you would like to see get a shot at this list, then leave a comment giving me the band name and your favorite album of that band (if I don't have them in my library or haven't heard of them then this is a good way to get me some new music!)

So there you have it! Get to voting everyone, leave feedback, subscribe!


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