Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Band of the Week #1: Iron Maiden!

Let me start by saying sorry it took me so long to get around to this. My computer crashed Thursday and i had to send it up to Houston to get it fixed.

Now that we got that part out of the way, I can continue.

Congrats to Iron Maiden for winning the first Band of the Week poll! Thank you to those of you who participated, I hope you are satisfied with the results, and if you aren't... well that sucks, get more of your friends to vote next time. :D

I'm pretty sure everyone knows who Iron Maiden is (if you don't then something is wrong with you or you're deprived). I know I said I would post links to purchase all the albums of the winner, but Maiden has way too many albums to post links for so I'm not going to bother, that and if you like them you should already have their albums to begin with.. I mean c'mon... it's Iron Maiden.

The next Band of the Week poll will be delayed for a bit, I'm trying to find a good program to rip the files off my iPod since I lost my music library on my last OS. Stay up to date and I'll get back up to speed ASAP!


  1. Supporting!

    Will support anyone who visits my blog and comments on most recent post.


  2. Yeah! Just saw them on Directv in concert last week, great show! Following, check out my psychology/philosophy/survivalist/crazy shit blog!