Sunday, September 19, 2010

Poll: You Decide My Next Album Review!

Hey everyone! I'm starting up a new poll! This isn't like the Band of the Week poll (recurring), this will be a one time only deal.
On the right-hand side of my page you will find the poll, I want YOU- my readers- to decide what album I review next, the reason I am choosing only one album is because none of these are new releases, they are all relatively unknown bands and/or non-mainstream bands who I believe deserve some more attention, but only one band will be chosen, the rest will be up to you to listen to or not. So here are the choices:

Closure in Moscow - First Temple

Damiera - M(US)IC

Saves The Day - Through Being Cool

Thee Armada - The New You, The Old Us

*Note that by non-mainstream I am referring to bands who you won't hear your typical wannabe music fanatic talk about :)


  1. Voted, love it.

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